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Are you a filmmaker, content creator, journalist, podcast host or communications specialist? If you're a media professional you need to interview people.

Mastering the Art of Interviewing for Media Production

This course will teach you how to conduct interviews that dig deep and inspire your audience.

 You’ll learn:

> A proven structure to conduct interviews
> Simple, easy-to-apply interview techniques
> Confidence in your ability to interview anybody (even your dream guest)

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What if you knew you could find your ideal audience before you started creating your project?

Define Your Ideal Audience

An easy-to-follow online course for anyone who wants to make a film their audience will want to watch.  

You’ll learn:

> How to research who your audience are (spoiler, it's more than demographics).
> The core values driving your audience
> how you can use values to strengthen your film
> The Ideal Audience Plan (IAP) a simple step-by-step strategy you can use again and again.

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Master Class

Raising the Participant Voice

The role of documentary filmmaking

This master class is about the participant voice - what it is, why it matters to you, and how you can harness its power for your advantage.  Taught by Mike Hill, this deep dive into raising the participant voice will provide you with insights and ideas that you can easily and immediately apply to your work.

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checklist for choosing a film title
Digital Course

One To Many

How to repurpose your content from one piece into many. (not to be confused with one too many... possible if you've had one too many before you read this.) This is the only system you need to take away the overwhelm that's caused by the constant need to produce content.  

> You'll learn a simple system to help you create enough content to serve your social platforms and website each month.

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