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If you want your work to make a impact.

Do you want to create wildly successful online content, videos and films that will be seen by the right people, aka your ideal audience? Then this is the first step.

Stick around if you want to learn how to create projects so good, that people will climb over each other to see them.

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Start creating great stories


The Ultimate Guide to Video Storytelling will teach you how to craft a message so enticing that people will not be able to take their eyes off your work.


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How to separate strategy from tactics to supercharge your content marketing.


This guide will teach you:

  • how to separate strategy from tactics
  • how to craft a content marketing strategy
  • how to reach your audience via targeted tactics 
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Storytelling for impact. How to make movies that move the world.


You’ll learn all you need to know:

  • how to engage your audience
  • how to communicate your message
  • how to create a compelling video that makes a real impact!

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Define Your Ideal Audience 

What if you knew you could find your ideal audience before you started creating your project? No more guessing and hoping you reach people and get results.
Define Your Ideal Audience will transform the way you think about connecting with your audience and how you message your projects.

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"Anyone planning any type of communication would benefit from this fantastic course from Moonshine Academy's Sue Collins. Whether it's a feature length film, YouTube video, social media clips, advertisement, or even donor communications, Sue will help you understand the steps you need to take before you dive right into the filming. Well worth the time invested."


Nichola Lefroy GAICD
Development | Non Executive Director

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The Moonshine  Moonshot YouTube Series

If you love watching videos on how to make amazing video content then this is the series for you!

Mike Hill and Sue Collins want you to create amazing videos that reach your audience everytime with maximum impact.  And this YouTube series is where they share the insights they've learned from many years of producing impact films.

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The Moonshine Moonshot podcast 

How do you make an impact?  Moonshine Agency's Mike Hill and Sue Collins discuss how to make your moonshot project possible in this weekly podcast.

As filmmakers & visual communication experts, they share easy to apply tips on how to improve your communications and generate results.  Join them as they unpack how to make a difference and build audiences that are supercharged and ready to take action.

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