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Online course

Define Your Ideal Audience

What if you knew your film would reach your audience before you even pick up your camera? 

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Online Course

One To Many

Put your content to work by making one piece into many, then you can share it across all your social platforms. 

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Master Class

Raising the Participant Voice

What is the participant voice? How you can harness the power of the participant voice in your documentary. 

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Moonshine Moonshot

On making movies that matter


The weekly Moonshine Moonshot podcast will help you make great documentaries and films. Host Sue Collins has specialised in impact filmmaking for well over 15 years with her work reaching millions around the globe. Sue's sharing what she's learned about how to make great films that reach their intended audience and have an impact. 

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We're Sue & Mike

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We're big believers in following your passion. And if that's filmmaking... we like you already!


We help upcoming filmmakers learn the steps to create incredible documentary films all the way from the first spark of an idea to the silver screen so that their films are completed and they go on to have successful and fulfilling careers.

For over 20 years, yikes...time flies...we've been producing films.

So, we know how many challenges filmmakers face, especially when they're starting out. Which is why we've created the academy.  So we can share what we've learned along the way with you.  

"Anyone planning any type of communication would benefit from this fantastic course from Moonshine Academy's Sue Collins. Whether it's a feature length film, YouTube video, social media clips, advertisement, or even donor communications, Sue will help you understand the steps you need to take before you dive right into the filming. Well worth the time invested."

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"Mike and Sue are the most wonderful film makers.

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