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The Moonshine Communications Academy courses are designed with values based communications in mind. 

Many content creators struggle to successfully find audiences for their projects.  As specialists in connecting with audiences around the globe, the team behind Moonshine Agency are now sharing their skills and know-how through courses to help you create successful projects. 

What if you knew you could find your ideal audience before you started creating your project? 


Define Your Ideal Audience is an easy to follow system for anyone with a project that needs to reach people. You’ll learn a values-based approach to researching what your audience think and feel, as well as how to position your message.  This gives you the ability to create a project your audience is likely to want to hear about. Giving you the confidence that your project has a great chance of success before you begin.

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Are you worried that you'll spend a lot of time and money creating a project only to have it fall on deaf ears? That you won't find an audience and you won't get results?

Even if this is your first time creating a video project when you define your audience before you start you’ll significantly increase your chances of successfully finding your target audience.

When you define your ideal audience first, you’ll understand how to position your message, ready for your people to hear it.

It's natural that when you conceive a project you think everybody would want to see it.  That you wouldn’t want to limit its potential reach by tailoring it for a specific audience.   Most creators have thought this at some point.  

But when you go after a broad general audience, you spread your message, your resources and your time, very thin.  And this is going to limit your chance of success far more than defining a target audience from the beginning would.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of defining your ideal audience in a very targeted way before?

Then this course is for you.  You’ll learn techniques to help you identify what your audience think and feel, and once you know how to do that, you’ll have this skill for all your future projects too.

And if you sign up with this offer you'll receive special bonuses. More about the bonuses when you scroll down. 

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By the end of the course you will have learned:

A Proven System

That is easy to apply to any project that needs to reach an audience. It's the system we use for our own projects.

Simple Research Techniques

Techniques that are effective, easy to apply and can be done from anywhere you can access the internet.

Confidence In Your Project

Get your project underway with confidence you've started with the audience in mind. 

This is what you'll get when you purchase the Define Your Ideal Audience Course: 

Video tutorials across two modules teaching you:

> How to figure out who your story or project is for.
> You'll learn about the anatomy of an audience, also known as audience segments.
> You'll learn research techniques to help you figure out what people or more specifically your ideal audience care about?
> What are you trying to say and who are you saying it to?
> Case study.
> How to research who your ideal audience is.
> A companion workbook for each module.
> Access to support for your questions via email.
> BONUS VIDEO: of a workshop to define a new audience using the system you will learn so you can see the system in action.
> access to the Define Your Ideal Audience course for the lifetime of the course (minimum of 12 months access).

But wait there's more, you also get access to any new videos or content produced for the Define Your Ideal Audience course during the time you have access.

We'd also throw in a free set of steak knives but this is an online-only deal so it wouldn't make sense. And it also sounds a bit weird and dangerous... so there are no steak knives.

But you're here because of the limited time offer when you purchase Define Your Ideal Audience you'll also get some special bonus on. 

Opening offer for new enrollments. The three course bundle. 

What are the two bonus courses you'll get in this amazing limited-time offer when you purchase the Define Your Ideal Audience course?  Read on for the details. 

Bonus #1 

Raising the participant voice - Master Class ($127 value)

This master class is about the participant voice - what it is, why it matters to you, and how you can harness its power for your advantage.  Taught by Mike Hill, this deep dive into raising the participant voice will provide you with insights and ideas that you can easily and immediately apply to your work. 

What you'll get:

  •  A video master class providing a deep understanding of how you can use the participant voice in your work.

  •  Learn from Mike Hill, an expert in video communications. Mike has interviewed over 1000 participants for his own work and produced hundreds of hours of content.
  •  Support to answer your questions via email. 


Bonus #2 

One To Many mini course ($47 value)

 How to repurpose your content. This is the only system you need to take away the overwhelm that's caused by the constant need to produce content. 

> You'll learn a simple system to help you create enough content to serve your social platforms & website each month.

> You can begin implementing the One To Many system as soon as you complete the course.

What you'll get:

  •  Learn the system that experienced Producer Sue Collins developed to manage all the content she produces.
  • Three video lessons to teach you what the One To Many system is and how to put it to work right away.
  •  A handy checklist to help you stay on track when you implement the system.
  •  Access to support for your questions via email.
  •  You'll also get access to new videos or content produced for the One To Many course for as long as you have access to the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions? (aka FAQs)

Define Your Ideal Audience can transform the way you think about connecting with your audience and how you message your projects.


Many creators take a generic approach to their audience and don't have a strategy for finding them.  They plan to hand their project over to a distributor to do that work. Or they think their marketing department will somehow ‘find’ an audience online, perhaps with good SEO, by casting high profile talent or with magic. Magic works right? But the results are often lacklustre. And that makes it harder for them to get a green light for their next idea.

Many still go with the old school approach of using an ‘avatar’ to define their audience. This cookie-cutter approach no longer works with a communications project, particularly video. You’ll never find an audience with an undefined message that doesn’t take on board worldviews and values.

Because many filmmakers and videographers don’t self distribute they leave defining their audience off the to-do list.  They make a project they are interested in and assume that everyone else will be too.  Then they have to try and sell it to a distributor and hope that they can find an audience for them.  The magic approach again!

Or, if they can get it in a festival and win some awards, it will get attention and then it will become a success, right?  But they never really know who they are making their project for, to begin with. So how will they know who to market it to?

The 'build it and they will come' approach is all backwards.  Knowing who you're talking to before you begin is the way to create a successful project. 

You just need to know how to define your audience, and with this system, that part can become easy.

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Define Your Ideal Audience Pricing: 


The Moonshine Agency team have created the Moonshine Communications Academy to teach you what they have learned through trial and error in over 13 years of producing content for the big screen and the small screen.  Watching a Moonshine Communications Academy course is not a guarantee of success, you will have to implement what you learn.  Our courses and resources require work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavour or professional continuing education program.  Effective communication takes time and effort.  The satisfaction and success of our students is very important to us, so please don't enrol in our courses if you don't want to do any work.